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Jul 03, 2013 | AMHL | 6683 views
Introducing the Awesome Hockey Environment
The AMHL is introducing the Awesome Hockey Environment initiative for the 2013-2014 season with a focus on Honour, Integrity, Respect and Hard Work at the player, coach and parent levels.


Sportsmanship Smarts for Players


Hockey is a great TEAM GAME, which combined with the individual skills, desire, courage and competition provides a fantastic challenge to any young player.  BE A TEAM PLAYER AND YOU WILL ALWAYS BE BETTER FOR IT.  Your coach will respect you for your contribution to a winning or great effort.  Do your own thing – but try to do it within the system that you are being taught.  You will be well rewarded with goals, assists and praise from your fellow teammates for you unselfish play.


CHARACTER IS VERY IMPORTANT IN ALL ASPECTS OF LIFE.  You should have respect for your teammates, coaches, officials and parents; in return they will respect you.  You must show respect in order to earn and receive respect.  Little things like showing respect on and off the ice, being unselfish with the puck, being on time for games, practices and team meetings are just a few character builders.  Offer to help out at team functions too.  BE A GOOD SPORT!


THERE IS ONLY ONE THING WORSE THAN A POOR LOSER AND THAT IS A BAD WINNER.  BE CONSIDERATE WHEN YOU WIN.  Remember that someone has to lose and it could be you next time.  Be gracious when you lose.  Remember that your opponent has to be given credit if he has proven himself to have worked harder and played better.  Just think of working harder in order that you can win the next time you meet.



The infamous quote of “The Golden Rule” DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE OTHERS DO UNTO YOU is one of the most powerful statements ever made.  As a player, you should want other players to play fair and be considerate in their actions towards you.  As a coach, you should want to treat your players, as you would want to be treated if you were a players.  As a parent or guardian, you should want your child to treat his coach and others, as you would want to be treated yourself.



If you are injured during a game and cannot play up to your usual standard the LET YOUR COACH KNOW THE EXTENT OF YOUR INJURY and it will be up to him to use his judgment accordingly.  IT IS SMART TO BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF AND TO BE FAIR TO YOUR TEAM.


Any player who gets carried away and places his personal grudge over his value to the team is truly a poor sport and deserves the penalty received from the referee.  Due to the circumstances, injury or infraction the coach may also take disciplinary action.  THERE SHOULD BE NO ROOM IN HOCKEY FOR BULLIES AND POOR SPORTS!



UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES DO YOU USE PROFANITY TO AN OFFICIAL, REFEREE, PLAYER, COACH, ETC WHILE ON THE ICE OR ON THE BENCH.  This shows a lack of character and WILL be dealt with in a serious manner.  Referees are instructed to penalize the team if the individual cannot be singled out.  Talking back or mouthing off to the referee, coach, etc. displays poor attitude and sportsmanship.  YOU MUST HAVE SELF-RESPECT AND TO HAVE SELF-RESPECT, YOU MUST RESPECT OTHERS!



AVOID CHEAP UNDISCIPLINED PENALTIES SUCH AS CHARGING FROM BEHIND, SLASHING, HIGH STICKING AND SO ON.  Penalties received while on the offensive zone are truly dumb because they don’t prevent a goal against; instead they hurt you own team.  IF YOU WANT TO PLAY HOCKEY, THEN KEEP OUT OF THE PENALTY BOX.   This does not mean that you cannot play good, hard aggressive hockey.  You cannot completely avoid getting penalties at some time or another but they should not be of the UNDISCIPLINED kind. 



They say that you do in a game what you do in a practice. ALL THE GREAT HOCKEY PLAYERS  WERE HARD WORKERS AND BECAUSE THEY LOVED THE GAME SO MUCH THEY CONSTANTLY TRIED TO DO BETTER.  These players had a great Pride and their hard work paid off.  When practicing, try to work on your weak areas such as deking in the opposite direction that you normally deke to.  Practice hard and perfect your good moves too.  The more moves you have and the better you do them means that you will have more opportunity to produce fine offensive and defensive plays.  Also practice all types of shots as well as your skating skills.

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