Coach Certifications (Ancaster Minor Hockey)

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How to Become a Hockey Coach?

Every year we require new volunteers, particularly in the younger divisions. So how do you become a coach? How do you obtain the proper certifications? Does the AMHL refund certification fees? Keep reading to find out!

Coach Certification Requirements by Division

OMHA Coach Education
OMHA Trainer Education


OMHA Certification Clinics


1. Police Check

2. Respect in Sport - Activity Leader Program

3. Online Hockey University, followed by Coach 1 – Intro to Coach

HU Online Coach 1

Coach 1 - Intro to Coach

4. Gender Identity and Expression Course

5. Coach 2 - Coach Level 2
6. HTCP Level 1 (Trainer)


Certification Obtained Outside the OMHA

If you have obtained a coach or trainer certification with an association outside of the OMHA, please complete the Application for Conversion/Upgrade of Certification form and forward it to the OMHA so that your certifications can be added to your Hockey Canada Registration (HCR) system record.

Certification Reimbursement

AMHL provides 100% refund of certification course fees for volunteers in our house league program. Expenses such as lunch, parking, or mileage are not refunded.

You will need to pay for the clinic up-front but the AMHL will reimburse you the clinic fee once you complete and receive your certification from the OMHA. The AMHL will reimburse for clinics that let you attain the minimum requirements.

To get reimbursed from the AMHL, complete the form below and email  it to  [email protected] and [email protected].

AMHL Team Official Reimbursement Form

You are welcome to take a higher level courses (Level 2 Trainer Certification, Coach Development, etc.), however, we will provide a refund based on the cost of a certification clinic at the minimum certification required.

If you choose to take several Continuing Education Courses to accumulate points as opposed to one recertification course, once you accumulate sufficient points to qualify for recertification, please submit your request for refund with proof that you have been recertified. Use the same form for reimbursement.